DIY: Abstract Expressionism Wall Art

I’m a sucker for a great abstract painting. I could stare at Mark Rothko’s work for hours. I’ve been in the market for a HUGE abstract painting to hang in my front living room. But, being the budget conscious chick I am, I couldn’t find anything less that $150 that I really loved. Surely I could find something to DIY.

I found this AhhhhHHH-maze-ZING tutorial by David Bromstad on All you need is a canvas, paint, paint brush, and a water bottle. I bought my giant canvas at Michael’s for just about $20 (love sales) and my paints/brush for another $5 (coupons, yay!). I took my canvas in the backyard, propped it up on an old plastic flower container, covered some lawn chairs with plastic to create my own easel, and I got to work.

Not bad for a first shot, right? I know it’s not for everyone, but I love this thing. I can’t wait to hang it up!

DIY Abstract Expressionism

DIY Abstract Expressionism

DIY: One t-shirt, four headbands!

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably noticed that the “turban headband” or wrap look is trending. I love the look for summer, particularly something to keep my hair back on a lazy weekend or something to jazz up that sloppy bun attempt that I work so hard at. I explored a few DIY options, and I figured out that I could easily make four headbands out of one t-shirt.

First, I took a white tee, and tried my hand at dip dying in the back yard. Want some dye ideas? Check out Rit Dye’s Pinterest Board! I wanted that oh so on point ombre look. I picked out a beautiful teal color and had at it. Note: I trimmed the sleeves off and dyed them separately in the dye to achieve a solid color.

For my first two headbands, I placed the sleeves flat on my cutting boards. I trimmed off the icky raw edge and the extra fabric on the hem. I used a rotary cutter and cut parallel lines a couple of inches from one another. Bam. A headband. I stretched it around my head, and the ends curled around (see the fifth image to compare a new and used head band). You could easily jazz these simple bands up with flowers, bows, or whatever. I am going to be using them to keep fly aways out of my face in yoga and while doing yard work.

My other two handbands were cut from the body of the t-shirt. I laid the shirt out flat, and I cut two 8″ wide bands across the shirt to create to large tubes. You have magically created two turban style headbands. Congrats!

So, how do you twist a turban headband from a t-shirt tube? I created a figure 8 and looped the ends over each other to create what looks like a double hand band. The KEY is to twist the fabric where is crosses each other at the center, almost created an “X.” I placed my large, knotted letter X on the front of my forehead. I love the ombre fabric on this one. This wore this look all day on Sunday as I worked around the house, and it was so nice to have all of my hair back without having to deal with a knotted scarf, pinching handband, or bobby pins.

Do you have a quick and easy DIY handband pattern you’d like to share?

Pinterest Fail – Bestie Photoshoot Gone Wrong

Bestie photo shoots are so trendy on Pinterest. And so is everything country and vintage. So, Dani and I decided let’s DIY the crap out of a photo that we saw on Pinterest! Easy enough, right? All we need is our friendship, some great hair, a pickup truck, and someone to take the picture!

Let’s start with the Pinspiration –

Bestie truck bed photo with boots, jorts, and hair!

Look at these girls! Those jorts are ON POINT! And those boots and perfectly not perfect locks? Um, yes please. Even chicks with broken arms can participate in photos like these (see far right). I bet she broke her arm while not being basic and totally rocking out to some Brad Paisley.

Dani and I decided to do a little photoshoot on the evening of the 4th of July, because nothing is more patriotic that our undying love for one another. We put on our jorts, patriotic tops, and climbed in the rusty truck bed of a 1974 Chevy Cheyenne. This truck is like way vintage, so this photograph was obviously going to trump the Pinterest shot.

My amazing husband decided to play photographer. He didn’t understand what the heck was happening, but just went along with it and started shooting photos as we barked orders from the truck bed.

Sadly, the resulting image was less than desirable. Here is what went wrong:

  • We forgot cowboy boots.
  • We didn’t rock coordinating pastels.
  • We didn’t hold hands.
  • We look like corpses with amazing calves.
  • It was too dark.
  • We didn’t use an SLR. We used Snapchat.

I think we all learned some valuable lessons that night. 

McCalls 6359 Pattern Review

I’ve been on a sewing kick this year, but I’ve been bad about posting reviews and pictures of what I’ve made. So, I need to share some of the “back log.” Here is my hippie meets punk inspired tunic made from McCalls 6359…

2014-05-11 20.32.54

McCalls 6359

I’ve had this cream cotton jersey fabric for years. It’s pretty blah and I’ve never known what to do with it. That was until I saw some lovely #omg and #UMMMyes looks on Pinterest that centered around a plain white tunic top. Why not make it myself?

First things first: I made the smallest size on this pattern and I still think it runs kind of big. I’m not afraid to share my dimensions, so here ya go — I’m 5’6″ and 126 pounds. I thought this top was a bit TOO drape-y for my taste.

Something that did not run big: the straps! Go ahead and cut those puppies a bit longer that you think. You can always adjust.

The top was a bit long. Had I know the length, I may have added a couple inches and made a cute dress! In this case, I just trimmed it up to a custom length that I was comfortable with.

At the end, it was still missing something. So, I ironed on a few bronze pyramid studs for a dash of punk rock–hence the hippie (light flowy tunic) meets punk (studs) look.

Quick Flower Pot Upgrade

The hubby and I have been doing lots of painting and little improvements around the house. We noticed that the front of our house was in need of a pop of color. Our poor flower pot that we bought last year has lost all of its paint color and was just BLAH. We picked up a can of Valspar outdoor spray paint , and ta da! Bright new flower pot. It adds a little something new and interesting to the front entrance.

Day 2 – #100happydays

You know, I thought this might be easier than what it is. Am I that thickheaded that I must be unhappy? Or just apathetic? Gross.

It’s a beautiful sunny day. There I was this morning just working in a big storage facility without a single window to be found. I know that is the nature of my work, but I couldn’t help but get pretty down on myself. Then I got to thinking about what I had just written last night about being happy. Was it time to throw in the towel that easily?

Rather than rushing my lunch break as I always do, I was going to treat myself for a walk outside. I am lucky enough to work in a quaint little downtown area that has some beautiful historic buildings. That’s one thing I like about small Kentucky cities. I know I won’t be in this town forever, so I better enjoy it.


And, I did! Look at this beautiful building and that old fountain off to the left. Plus, I love that statue. I sat down for a moment and just enjoyed the view. I was sure sad to go back in to my air conditioned building, but what a royal treat to have this just two blocks from me.

100 Happy Days

Are you happy? Like really happy?

Lately, I’ve been asking myself what makes me happy. Is it my job? My health (when my RA and migraines aren’t being a nightmare!)? My husband? My earthly belongings?

I suppose these feelings have started in the past year as I’ve been enjoying my last year of my 20s. The age of 30 sounds so adult. With that came what I have been referring to as my one-third life crisis and questioning if I’m on the right path in life. Aren’t you supposed to have it together at 30?

And through the glossy, filtered, hash tagged world of Instagram and Twitter that we live in, we begin to view others’ lives and, whether we want to or not, compare our lives to theirs.

Guilty as charged.

Because of this I’ve made myself step back and ask the tough question of whether or not I’m happy. Sure there are things I’d like to change or improve upon in my life, but overall I’ve got it pretty good.

But…happy? Hmm. That’s a pretty simple word for a big concept. What is happiness? And, is it the same for everyone?

I’ve decided it is time to find out. I kept stumbling across this #100happydays challenge. I initially thought it was lame. And cheesy. And showy. I have some friends that have started the challenge and post some pretty great things that make me happy. I guess it was time for me to quit being a jerk and try it out.

Too often we are distracted by the bad things and obnoxious moments in life that we forget to celebrate the simple joys. Yes, it is cliche. Turning 30 reminds me how quickly life passes by. What seems like a moment ago in college is now 10 years ago. And it will only go by more quickly as I age.

With that said, it’s time for me to get happy, slow down, and soak up the joy in my life.

Right now, I’m sitting on my patio listening to birds ramble on about bird things. I am watching the sky get darker as a storm is getting closer. And I’m loving the plants and trees that I’ve worked so hard to grow. My favorites are my foxglove:


Are you doing this #100happydays challenge? What makes you happy? Any advice for the young woman turning 30 and slightly panicking? Ha!